Benefit the environment with your water structures!

Take a look at how your garden can be more “green”!

Our soil groundwork, planting and maintenance methods are always taking environmental safety into consideration.

When planting for instance, rather than using the more popular method of scattering the seed and then drenching it with fertilizer, we prefer to aerate the soil and “slice” the grass seed into the ground. Even though a little more time consuming, the latter method creates less waste (such as excess fertilizer being washed in the surrounding streams) and is more effective in sending the seed where it needs to.

Having a butterfly garden can enhance the environment and provide visual entertainment all that the same time!

Butterflies have lost their natural habitats due to human urbanization. We can help by creating a butterfly garden.

With the right plants and setup you can help create a place for butterflies to call home. In addition to helping these beautiful creatures you get the benefit of seeing their beauty.

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Creating a rain garden can help you utilize all the large amounts of rain water that run off your roof during a storm.

A bowl-shaped garden, planted with perennials, a rain garden is especially designed to absorb storm water running off from impermeable surfaces such as roofs.

Rain water normally stays unutilized as it frequently ends up trickling down paved surfaces and into streets carrying pollution with it. A rain garden can help re-direct that water into the Earth, like it is naturally meant to do.

Don’t hesitate to ask about the suitability of your property for an environmental rain garden!

Composting has many benefits! You get rich organic matter and at the same time you help reduce waste.

Creating a compost is simple. Collect non-woody yard wastes and add it to your pile. Periodically turn this pile. Then just let nature take over and wait. In time you will have useful mulch that your garden will love!

We know you want to help the environment and we can help. Let us help setup your backyard compost bin or pile.


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