Why you should add a waterfall to your home

Soothing sounds and visual aesthetic are the just start

It is no secret that the sound of falling water is soothing. It is used to help people de-stress from their everyday life. Imagine hearing a waterfall and seeing its beauty right in your own backyard. 

The right waterfall can completely transform the way your backyard looks.

In addition to the soothing sounds that waterfalls provide, these same sounds help drown out nearby noise.

Waterfalls and streams are a great place to enjoy with friends and family. (And running water helps discourage the presence of mosquitoes.)

Waterfalls come in a combination of shapes and sizes. These water structures can also include a pond combining the best of both worlds for your home.

Before you begin the process ask yourself these questions:

  1. Will your waterfall be part of a grand entrance or small and in an enclosed space?
  2. Would you like to hear the sounds of your waterfall in a particular part of your house?
  3. Would you like a waterfall with a pond that includes fish or a pond-less waterfall?

Our professional staff will help design the water structure that matches your vision. For your convenience, we could include maintenance to your waterfall in your regular yard maintenance plan. 

If you would like take a look at our Waterfall Samples page for examples of our previous work. We are certain that these images will help spark your imagination. With your imagination and our staff we are certain your waterfall will be a real master piece.

To learn more about enhancing your yard with a pond, waterfall or fountain, call us at (410) 266-8586 or request more information.

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How big should I my waterfall be?

A waterfall design should compliment your yard. You don't want to try squeeze Niagara in a small space but too small will just look silly.

Our staff will work with you and draw from years of experience to create and design the waterfall structure that matches your vision and yet compliment your yard perfectly.

To find out more about enhancing your yard with a pond or waterfall, request more information or call us at (410) 266-8586. Be sure to ask about our free consultation with recommendations for your property.